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bottoms up!

"fucking cunt"

by Anonymous

Please take a breather and examine our collection of butts. I hope you are now calmer than you were when you sent this ask. Have a wonderful day. 

LMAO, someone’s mad. Maybe nah. 

He probably ‘disappeared’ for good reason. 

Or better yet, if you’re this person you claim to be seeking and you just want to get your butt pictures posted on our blog, you should probably just send photos our way and we’ll post them if they meet our very basic criteria. 

Or use google. We’re not google. 

(“maybe shut the fuck up?” u sent the ask tho?? your sass is low)

"stupid bitch"

by Anonymous

you know you’re sending hate to a blog full of butts

maybe you should take a second and reflect 

Hello anon, this question has already been asked! Alas, we have none. Perhaps you should google what he has left, or maybe leave him alone? 

peek a boo..ty :) lol

Hello everyone!

I’m the new co-admin for this lovely blog! You guys can call me Queenie. Or Queen. Or Q. I don’t mind.

ANYWAYS I’m very excited to be here and I look forward to all the wonderful, wonderful man booty.


-Admin Q