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Underwear is best looking when it’s on the ground and not covering your sweet buns.

Ummm, I’m not too sure actually! I’m pretty sure there a huge bundle of them already out there though (ha) and they shouldn’t be too hard to find. 

I think squats are making it bigger. 

Bubblebutt Pa!
Rafael O.

Hot cakes and sausages!
That tan line.

Today is the creator of man-butt’s birthday. SEND THE BIRTHDAY-SUIT-BUTTS, you lovely human beings. 


This is why I squat!

Hello sweetheart! I hope you have been having a great weekend. I, anonymously posted my butt before and I appreciate for you posting it up. So I would like to submit another one. Take care, love <3

Aw, thank you beyond compare, you ball of sunshine.