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Hi Aldo! I got this question a while back but I’ve finally found time to be productive and clean out my the ask box up here.

It could be either of the following:

  • The quality of the photo is bad! Incredible grainy (and not like nice-hipster-amount of grain), or dark photos won’t be posted. It’s just like, you can’t really see the goods and it turns out to be a really poor photo overall.
  • Your junk is in the photo. Despite the submission button telling people who submit that your delicious cheeks are preferred, people still… send… really weird stuff

That’s pretty much it! I like to filter things so the blog remains pleasing to look at while still posting your stuff because ya know, you should take pride in your back trunk.

Bryan Hawn. 

(by charlesthomasrogers)

Busting out!
Nick Bennett